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The Golden Bowl of Tawakoni, TexasSupportingClay Luther, Director
Paul and the HookerSupportingAnthony Akiniz, Director
Man on the RoofSupportingMikel Ledesma, Director
Caught Up In Old the WestLeadMonica Saenz, Director
PrepsLeadNicholas Holstein, Director
Bittersweet SugarLeadBich Thi-Kim Nguyen, Director
Don’t Believe the Type LeadHunter Harrington, Director
Rachel's Challenge PrincipalAllison Marshall, Director
SolsticePrincipalWyndll Robertson, Director
A Power SunPrincipalDawn McGhee, Director
Tabloid: Episode 1.09 Co-StarInvestigation Discovery
CVU: Child Victims UnitCo-StarJust Film It Productions, Scott Morris
Stay Away InitiativeFeaturedTDA Productions, Troy DeGar
GeicoPrincipal Big Machine Design
MetroPCSPrincipalHart Productions, Stan Hart
Blue CalypsoPrincipalHunter Carson
Private CoachLar Park Lincoln, Dallas/LosAngeles - (ongoing)
On Camera Scene Study /AuditioningLar Park Lincoln, Dallas/LosAngeles - (ongoing)
Improvisation, first level of the core trackThe Groundlings, Los Angeles
On Camera Scene StudyToni Cobb Brock, Dallas, TX
Audition Seminar Margie Haber, Dallas, TX
Sitcom IntensiveJason Buyer/The Casting Playhouse, Los Angeles
In Depth On Camera Scene StudyEric Kline/Tony Barr's Film Actors Lab, Los Angeles
On Camera Audition Workshop Del Shores, Dallas, TX
Cold Reading Workshop Del Shores, Dallas, TX
On Camera Audition Workshop Richard Robichaux, Toni Cobb Brock and Sally Allen, Dallas, TX
Cold Reading/Scene StudyNancy Chartier/R.E.A.C.T. Studios, Dallas, TX
Scene Study Intensive WorkshopTheresa Bell, Dallas, TX
Young Actors and Teens WorkoutBarbara Brinkley, Dallas, TX
Improvisation, Singing, Mascot, Ride a Bike, Cheerleading, Jump Rope, Ice Skate, Rollerblade, Running-General, Swimming-General, Tennis, Dancer, Southern Accent